Where are they now – Eloise Patrick

Hi there!

I recently completed my Cert III in Business through ACCM whilst completing my traineeship. I would highly recommend achieving your qualifications through ACCM as I had a great experience with my studies.

At first I was a little skeptical that online learning would not benefit me or suit my learning style, however, ACCM were so hands on and helpful through my course and always made sure I knew that they were just a call away if I needed any assistance.

I really enjoyed getting to talk to my student adviser and receiving her help if I was finding any difficulties with my course or I had a question regarding an assignment, I also really appreciated my student adviser calling and checking on me regarding my assignments and providing me with feedback. Her quarterly visits were also very appreciated as I could meet and put a face to her voice.

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful over the phone and the assignments were well suited and had appropriate questions that correlated to the information that was in the textbook depending on the elective I was studying.

Overall, I had an amazing experience using ACCM, I would definitely recommend completing your qualifications with your business & I am considering taking up more study through ACCM.

Kindest, Eloise Patrick

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