Where are they now – Mark Bartolillo

Why did you choose the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship?

I chose this apprenticeship because when I was looking for a job and looking into trades. I was told this trade involved almost multiple trades in one such as electrical, plumbing, refrigeration even mechanic. Seeing as there were many aspects I decided to give it a go.

What was the most challenging aspect of this trade?

The most challenging aspect of the trade would have been working with tradesman, meeting their expectations and building that relationship. Also working on such big machines and learning the electrical components which are not taught at TAFE.

 What was your best moment as an apprentice?

My best moment as an apprentice would have to be when my supervisor said he was giving me the responsibility of preparing the Barangaroo chillers which involved a lot of work and was a big responsibility.

What do you see as the benefits of completing an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Apprenticeship?

There will always be a demand for refrigeration technicians and so many different areas to go to, be it domestic, commercial, industrial or even the mechanical or chillers side.

Since completing your apprenticeship, what’s changed?

I now have a lot more responsibly, sites which are mine to look after and even apprentices of my own to mentor. I have to make decisions and given recommendations to customers or even my supervisor.

Describe your usual day.

My days will vary with different jobs, it could be a maintenance, repair job or service call. If it is a maintenance I would alert the customer a day or two before arrival, when on site I will see if the customer has any issues, address the issues and proceed with my maintenance. Once completing the maintenance I see the customer to report what I have down and if found any issues.

Would you recommend this apprenticeship to someone, why?

I would recommend it if a trade is definitely what they want to do and want to learn multiple skills which this trade has given me.

Words of wisdom to someone thinking about doing this trade.

The hardest part is the first year, I have seen a lot of apprentices quit because of the demand, tradesman they work with. Once a relationship is built with the tradesman and your knowledge increases you will see the reward.

Future plans and aspirations.

Future plans are to extend my knowledge in the area I am in at the moment. Then further study in either a diploma and even move up through the company I am at as there is a lot of opportunities.

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