Where are they now – Samantha Chalmers

(Featured with her host, Steven Cattermole from We Are Signs.)

Samantha has also just recently completed her Signage Certificate 3 at Tafe. Being a woman in a non-traditional trade, we asked her about her journey so far.

What made you decide to get into printing?

I did a little bit of work experience at a sign/mechanics company when I was younger and really enjoyed it. I also enjoy being creative so the design side of the trade enticed me as well. It was kind of a mix bag of everything I liked and wanted to do.

Do you have any goals in the future once you finish your apprenticeship?

At the moment I’m just hoping to continue to learn more even after the apprenticeship ends, perhaps once I get some more experience I might try a bit of subcontracting or start up my own business.

What would you say to other young woman wanting to get into a trade?

Just do it. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you can’t do what you want. This has by far been the best thing I did for my career.
I definitely doubted myself because of my gender but once I started I found there were a lot of women doing the same job. It definitely put me at ease.

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