Automotive pre-apprenticeship success

Bronson and Luca have started a full-time automotive apprenticeship after experiencing the trade first-hand in 2023.

Like work experience, a pre-apprenticeship gives you hands-on experience in a trade. For more information about an apprenticeship, check out our FAQs.

“Living my dream”

Like many car enthusiasts, Bronson’s passion is automotive and motorbikes. He saw the 1300apprentice advertisement about our Free Automotive Pre-apprenticeship course and thought he would give it a go. At the time, Bronson was working in retail however, on becoming successful for the course, he took annual leave in the hope this which would help him gain knowledge and skills in work placement and hopefully present an opportunity to land his dream job.

Bronson showed enthusiasm, and willingness to learn as much as he could from the highly qualified and professional TAFE teachers which he built a great rapport with. He was subsequently placed with a host employer and commenced his light vehicle automotive apprenticeship.

We are so pleased to have Bronson on board with us through his apprenticeship journey. Through hard work, good work ethic and a catalyst from the pre-apprenticeship, he now has a new career he is passionate about.

“Welcome to the 1300apprentice team Luca”

Luca joined our Automotive Pre-apprenticeship class at the end of 2023 and gave it the course 100%. Just finishing school, he saw the opportunity and jumped straight into the course. Throughout the short course, he showed commitment and embraced adult learning. He enjoyed the learning environment at Ultimo TAFE, giving his TAFE teacher and the workshop 5 stars! 

“The course was worthwhile; it gave me a basic knowledge and skills in automotive and helped my understanding of the industry. It helped me realise this is the career I want”. – Luca

After successfully completing our automotive pre-apprenticeship, Luca was placed in work placement with a host genuinely looking to employ an apprentice. During work placement Luca was able to get firsthand experience in a working workshop.

After impressing our host employer, he was offered an apprenticeship in light vehicle automotive and is currently employed through 1300apprentice.

Thanks to the GTO Recruitment Program we have been able to place many job seekers just like Luca into apprenticeships and traineeships. The program aims to give job seekers an insight into the industry and ability to get their foot into the door with some hands-on experience.

Do you want to start your career with an apprenticeship? Ask us today!

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