Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics commission and service refrigeration and air conditioning units for both domestic and commercial industries. read more

Some of you may remember Scott Hilder who was a 1300apprentice 3rd year Encouragement Award winner last year. read more

Shopfitters use plans and specifications to build and install shopfronts and retail store shelves, counters, exhibition stands, kitchens and bathrooms, office fixtures and partitions. read more

Being professional in your search for employment will certainly give you a competitive edge. read more

This month we are spotlighting Horticulture (Landscaping) and our apprentice Scott Hilder along with his host company Co-Ordinated Landscapes. read more

The buzz employers get with the achievements of their young apprentices and trainees is always inspiring. We thought we would share with you an email one of our host employers circulated nationally to their offices. read more

Often, the trick is to guide a worker to see things from a different perspective rather than simply tell them what needs to be done. read more

When you finally land that all important interview for your dream job, you really want to make sure you do the best you can when the time comes to be interviewed. read more

1300apprentice, Owen Shannessy has recently completed his apprenticeship and is now continuing his career with Becker Joinery as a tradesman and supervisor. read more

This month we are trade spotlighting Aloma Simpson from Narrandera High School who is a school-based trainee and part of ANZ’s Indigenous School-Based Traineeship Program. read more

So maybe you think that traineeships don't apply to you. Well think again. A traineeship is an option available to most industries. read more

Job criteria

08 Mar 2010

You should always read a job ad carefully and make sure you fit the requirements set out by the Employer. Too many candidates these days will just apply for any job, no matter what the location or type of job advertised. read more

School-based trainees attend school four days a week and attend the workplace one day a week (or more often during school holidays). read more

This month our spotlight is centred on Todd Philp, a 3rd year sheetmetal apprentice hosted with HRC Alliance Pty Ltd. read more

PPE checklist

07 Jan 2010

I know we all groan about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) but we all need to be reminded that PPE is there to protect you from harm in the workplace. read more