Electrical pre-apprenticeship completion

Over 15 candidates have completed the Electrotechnology pre-apprenticeship course at TAFE St George in January 2020.

There is a lot of work to cover in the full-time 3 week* course and while this is difficult to manage with concentration, travel, other commitments, and dedication to see to the end, all our candidates stepped up to the challenge.

We congratulate the class of 2020 and wish everyone success in their chosen career.

The course reviews:

“The course was worthwhile, to learn many concepts in a short span.”

“I now know what the 4 year course will be like at TAFE.”

“The most satisfying aspect with 1300apprentice is they help you and want you to get a job.”

“TAFE help you with any problems you have.”

“The course made me more excited to get into the trade.”

* TAFE is usually one day per week once you start your apprenticeship.

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