Schools guide to Australian apprenticeships

Help guide their ambition

We understand that school and parental involvement is important to help guide young adults to choose a career path.

The AATIS Schools Guide provides career advisers key Australian Apprenticeships information required to support students. It also explains how to best utilise the numerous free resources available to download on AAPathways.

The Schools Guide has been recently updated to reflect all the changes within the Australian Apprenticeships sector and to include our latest resources.

Read more, download this PDF.

School careers talks

1300apprentice can visit your school to talk with senior students about career pathways. Ask us!

Message us via the Contact us page, using the Careers Advisor/School tab.

Conduct own career talks with this helpful information

Our expo page has resources suited to talking through career options, use a quiz for vocation suggestions, search current job opportunities, and What is a GTO?

Explore the expo page!

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