Pre-apprenticeship completion in horticulture

Nine candidates have complete the horticulture pre-apprenticeship course at Ryde TAFE in February 2021.

The horticulture pre-apprenticeship was our shortest course yet! Only running for 3 days, our candidates had to knuckle down and focus to learn all the content and the physical components as well. We are very proud of our candidates for stepping up to the plate and performing so well!

We congratulate the class of 2021 and wish everyone success and good health!

The course reviews:

“I loved the training at TAFE it was very hands-on”

“The staff at 1300apprentice have been friendly and easy to communicate with”

“The course was awesome and very worthwhile”

“This course made me understand how broad horticulture is”

“Our teachers were very accommodating to our different learning needs”

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Learn more about the requirements for our pre-apprenticeships courses.

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