Top 10 Jobs in Australia for Gen Z

Every generation has always had differences in what they want for their future. In Australia and other countries, Gen Zs want to make an impact. After facing many hard changes through the pandemic, extended time stuck indoors, a lack of action on climate change, and the continuing rise of inflation, many students and young people want to contribute to a greater social and environmental good through their work. 

We’ve seen more Gen Z prioritising jobs in health, mental health, green energy, and technology. However, there are also roles that Gen Z gravitate towards or are beginning to find fulfilling in other industries that you might not expect.

When looking for the ideal career, many young people born between 1997 – 2012 are looking for jobs that require a variety of tasks and offer a space that lets them learn and progress their skills and roles that allow them to maintain a good work-life balance. 

As a Group Training Organisation, we’ve worked with many Gen Z in finding jobs that lead towards long, evolving and rewarding careers. If you’re a young person looking for assistance in what career path to take, we have got our finger on the pulse with these top jobs of the future. 

Apprenticeships & traineeships for jobs for Gen Z

These are some of the most popular & rewarding jobs that we see for Gen Z, related to the training pathways we offer through our apprenticeships and traineeships

Please note that our list of the top jobs for Gen Z does not necessarily translate to the largest salary. Remuneration depends on other factors such as experience, skillset, company, industry, and market trends.

1. Greenkeeper
Greenkeepers (also known as grounds persons or sports turf keepers) are responsible for maintaining the grass areas for sports, gardens and parks. Greenkeeping is ideal for people who enjoy working with their hands outdoors, looking after nature and want to be close to the action in sports. Many in this role report high levels of job satisfaction. As a greenkeeper, you will have time working with people and a lot of time working alone, outdoors in nature, in often beautiful environments. Greenkeepers need to control weeds and pests, learn how to line out sporting fields and use equipment like lawnmowers to keep turf up to the right standards.

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Sports Turf Management

2. Gardener
Estimated 10,500 new jobs between 2021 – 2026

Gardener job openings are expected to rise up by 13.5%, or 10,500 new jobs, between 2021-26. Gardeners contribute to creating beautifully cultivated gardens which help both contribute to a healthier planet and better mental health for those who visit them. As a gardener, you will also be spending lots of time outdoors just like greenkeepers and are responsible for plants, trees and hedges, as well as providing information on plants to visitors.

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Parks & Gardens

3. Medical Receptionist

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many young people have come to understand how important the need and cause of looking after each other’s health is. If you are a good communicator and want to help people in times it matters most, you might just rise to answer the call of a medical receptionist. These professionals help answer patients’ questions, make them feel comfortable, remind patients of upcoming appointments, and manage the reception room and the flow of who comes in and out.

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Business administration ( Medical )

4. Receptionist
If you want to expand your horizons in the business world, you may want to be a receptionist. Many think of a receptionist as an entry-level role in the office world, however receptionists are highly valued and contribute heavily to the smooth running of an office. They are also able to work stable hours and can easily disconnect from work when they clock off. Receptionists with experience may be promoted to administrative assistant.

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5. Storeperson
Estimated 10,200 new jobs between 2021 – 2026

Storeperson is a great role for those who enjoy a variety of work, flexible hours, problem-solving and working in a team environment. As a storeperson, you need to be physically fit to move boxes and products, know how to operate forklifts, have customer service skills and have analytical thinking for logging items and resolving problems. On top of the expected demand, many storepersons also find satisfaction in contributing to a better supply chain that enables businesses and organisations to function well and people to get the items they need. 

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Supply chain operations (Warehousing)

6. ICT Support

ICT supports help people troubleshoot problems daily with their network, hardware or internet problems. ICT support often report high job satisfaction through opportunities provided in professional development and upward mobility in tech jobs. There is a lot to learn across different areas, and as you problem-solve, you constantly learn on the job.

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Information technology

7. Security Support Officer
Security support officers play an important role in information protection. After the Optus customer information breach, it’s clear just how important it is to set up the right defence measures. As a cybersecurity specialist, you will help organisations fortify their network, internet and other internal databases to protect the confidential information of customers, employees and internal access.

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Cyber Security

8. Shopfitter
Unlike other construction specialisations or trades, most workers in this role are young (2 in 10 are aged between 15 -25).  Shopfitters have the task to design and install shop fit-outs in a variety of different locations and types of businesses, using prefabricated units, hand and power tools, and CNC levelling operations. As a shopfitter, you will be able to create exciting displays that organise your client’s products and invite their customers in. 

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9. Plumber
Estimated 8,000 new jobs between 2021 – 2026
Many plumbers support being satisfied with their work with the different skills required and the variety of tasks in plumbing that gives plumbers the ability to specialise. Everyone relies on pipes and plumbing, making it an important part of logistics for residences, industries and businesses. As a licensed and regulated trade, you can work your way up to being a master plumber. Once you are fully qualified, you can also start your own business as a plumber and work on your own terms. In real terms, you’re often helping people when they need it most, and you can do it as your own boss.

Plumbers are also playing a big role in transforming how people use water and heating to reduce our collective environmental impact. Through new innovative practices and technology, new plumbing offers the potential to be more sustainable. Which is why many Gen Zers are finding this role as an incredibly meaningful job of the future.

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10. Real Estate Agent
Real estate agents often report good job satisfaction with their flexibility, work-to-life balance, earning potential, and ability to help people find the right building for investing or a home. While economists have projected some downturns in property prices, the underlying value of property and land in Australia as an asset is still high. Investment properties for rent or short-term holiday leases will continue to be a need in Australia, along with real estate services for buying and selling properties to dwell in.

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Property Services (real estate)

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