Why you should do an apprenticeship? 10 key benefits

You may have already heard it the first time you’ve applied for your job, “on the job experience is critical“. 

It can be a stressful time for any school leaver to join the workforce, where having both practical and theoretical knowledge is critical from the get-go. That’s why more and more, apprenticeships are becoming the best way for school leavers and mature-aged students to enter the workforce and further education.

What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are a type of partnership, where instead of focusing solely on learning or solely on working, you are completing both at once. A completion certificate qualifies you for work, further learning, and higher-paying positions within the industry, as well as the hands-on skills, experience and networking connections you get from starting a job.

These programs can be a great way to fill the gap for specific career paths where skills and experience are critical. Plus the minimal cost (if any) that you need to pay to complete an Australian apprenticeship, add what you earn, and it becomes a remarkably more attractive way to upskill yourself for future employment.

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How do apprenticeships work?

Apprenticeships, and the certification that comes from them, are paid for by the employer. That’s us.

At 1300apprentice, we are the employer and we pay all of your TAFE/RTO fees straight up (not a reimbursement!). In addition, with the Australian Government’s Trade Support Loans you may also be eligible for an interest-free loan depending on the apprenticeship to help support you with lifestyle expenses when you complete the apprenticeship or traineeship. 

We set you up with practical classroom learning, job training, and your host provides supervision.  

Upon completion of the 4-year apprenticeship, you will receive your certificate and can now start trading in your vocation. 

10 apprenticeship benefits

Start your career path

Undertaking an apprenticeship is a great way to dive into a career and begin life long learning. Apprenticeships and traineeships are a perfect option to start a career in automotive, building & construction, electrotechnology, engineering, administration, horticulture and more. By taking an apprenticeship, you also get into an industry a lot faster and learn and grow from within.

Earn while you learn

While other tertiary studies may require some skilful balancing between learning and paid work to support yourself, with an apprenticeship you immediately begin earning cash while completing your trade. As you continue to gain experience, your wage will also increase in line with experience. This will rise even more after you complete your certificate.

Gain practical hands-on training & experience

Gaining knowledge about a task is one thing. Learning to implement it, diagnose a situation and problem solve is another thing entirely. By taking on an apprenticeship you will gain real practical experience in your field so that you acclimate and gain the skills necessary to properly perform the role.

One-on-one learning

Everyone undertaking an apprenticeship with 1300apprentice is paired with a go-to field officer to help you through everything relating to the apprenticeship process. You also receive personalised support and mentoring through us and colleagues on the job, with specific knowledge straight from other capable workers, at the source. 

Career advancement

Apprenticeships help you learn, progress and upskill without having to return to a formal tertiary education institution. 

Earn higher wages

On completion of an apprenticeship you will be able to earn more money compared to those who haven’t completed. Plus you won’t have a HECS debt to pay off.

Complete a certificate, cost free 

One of the biggest perks of undertaking an apprenticeship is the ability to gain a nationally recognised qualification at virtually no cost. Other further education institutions can be costly throughout or with a debt upon completion. In comparison, apprenticeships don’t require large payments for a certificate. And you’re being paid from day one!

High job satisfaction 

Many past apprentices reported high job satisfaction and remained gainfully employed after completion. It makes sense, when companies invest in you, it’s easier to feel more invested in a company. You are also more likely to make longer-lasting professional relationships as a result of all the time you have spent working and growing with an employer.

Skills customised to the business

No matter the training institution, there is a big difference between training outside and inside the company. When you are completing an apprenticeship, you are directly gaining skills and learning about the processes that are undertaken in the field of your workplace. This gives you an advantage compared to other knowledgeable candidates, as you will already be well adapted in performing tasks in line with the company environment.

Prime opportunity for progression

As you start your career and grow within a company, you are well placed for further opportunities that are presented in the line of succession. The company already knows you and your competency well. In addition to your targeted skills, you stand in quite a prime competitive position for promotion. 

How to find an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are not hard to find, with many being advertised on job sites, social media, job hunting or other apprenticeship networks online. 

Of course, there’s nowhere better to find an apprenticeship than at a specialised apprenticeship provider that looks after apprentices well. 1300apprentice has assisted over 2,000 apprentices and trainees find successful outcomes at work with full support, guidance and on the job training. 

Enquire now to get in touch with a recruitment officer to start your career, or start looking for apprenticeships online!

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