Contract labour FAQs


What industries do you cover?

We cover most trades, administration, warehousing and general labour. We understand the different requirements of roles in your business.

What does your screening process involve?

Candidates are screened on skill level, experience and ability to fit into your workplace culture. We also consider the candidate's needs and suitability of the position on offer.

How long can I keep someone on contract labour?

Contract labour can be used from as little as 1 day up until the end of your project. 1300apprentice has provided long and short-term labour to many of our customers. 

Is contract labour cost effective?

Your time on the job is important; our contract labour division allows you to focus on your business whilst we focus on your staffing requirements. 1300apprentice will take care of all the recruitment process and the administration such as wages, superannuation, PAYG etc - this saves you time, effort and money.

Our competitive rates are supplied on an hourly charge-out basis depending on the role required. Contact our labour expert to find out more.

How quick can you provide me with staff?

Our connections within the industry and availability of people are what make us different. Depending on the position we may just have someone ready to start with your business today.

Contact us now.