Australian School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship

Australian School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship

School based learning

An Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) or School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (SBAT) allow those who are in years 11-12 to undertake a nationally recognised qualification whilst at school. You’ll need to work (and will be paid) a minimum of one day per week and can work extra hours in the school holidays.

Here at 1300apprentice we work closely with schools to source suitable candidates for our Government and non-Government host employers. If you are interested in a school based apprenticeship or traineeship, here are a few steps to get you started.

1. Getting started

Think about your career path, do you like administration, banking or even building.

2. Career advisor & parent

It’s really important to have a chat with your parents and your career advisor about the industry you would like to do a school based apprenticeship or traineeship in. Your careers advisor can help work out how this can fit into your schooling and work out the best day for you to attend work.

3. Contact us

Get in contact with us to see how we can help you in your chosen field. We don’t always have opportunities available but can ask our host employers if they need someone just like you in their workplace. We will need your resume to get started.

4. More information

If you’d like to know more about the types of industries available for school based trainees and apprentices, or how it counts towards your schooling, check out the links below for ACT and NSW.

ACT School based training     SBAT info page


ACT ASBA information sheet

For parents & careers advisors:

Current positions: Click here to see the current open postions.


NSW - for employers: Take on tomorrow

NSW - for students: Learn to work



Looking for an Aboriginal identified school based traineeships?  Find out more here: Aboriginal & Torres Straight Islander traineeships


Read our Trade spotlight stories:

ANZ school based training completion Connor

"My experience working at the ANZ bank did encourage me to be persistent and independent in ways I thought I couldn't be. I did learn a lot in the business industry it gave me a clear view of what it meant to have responsibilities.
1300 apprentice did look after me a lot especially Lorraine and her constant check ups that guided me in the right direction, overall it was a great experience." -Loraini Ratubalavu


"I am really enjoying my time working at ANZ Bank. I love the fact that I am able to work in such a professional environment with great staff who are able to teach and guide me professionally and personally.
Getting the hands on experience is so great and I have way more confidence now than when I first started my ASBA position with ANZ. I am getting more comfortable when dealing with customers face to face and I am able to help them with most inquiries they have.
I am so happy I am doing it and really appreciate the support I am also receiving from 1300apprentice. I can call 1300apprentice with any issues or concerns and they are always happy to help and support me.' -
Enya Taylor, ACT ASBA student

ASBA’s in Government

1300apprentice and Canberra Theatre – ASBA

Lily Kennet photo

Lilly commenced her ASBA with the Canberra Theatre Centre (CTC) whilst in year 11 at school and studying a Certificate II in Business. Lilly is working in the Discovery and Learning team at the Canberra Theatre Company (CTC) – a business unit dedicated to providing educational theatre experiences to school students.

Lilly’s host employer has said that the CTC Education team is proud to provide an opportunity for a young person through the ASBAs in Government initiative.

Having an ASBA has brought many benefits to the team, bringing vitality to the business unit. As the team’s main function is to arrange and coordinate school student theatre activities, having Lilly has enabled the team to get a young person’s perspective on the work that they do.

Lilly has been described as someone who is always willing and able to get things done. In such a creative environment with a wide range of working styles, having Lilly to complete tasks and dot the ‘i’s’ has also been a great asset to the group.

Lilly started out quite shy, who now says that one of her most enjoyable tasks is communicating with a wide range of people as part of her role assisting to coordinate the Theatre’s activities. Lilly also enjoys the variety of business tasks allocated to her whilst learning on the job, especially maintaining databases and spreadsheets.

Lilly has brought with her current and relevant skills from her learning which she has readily integrated into the work environment to improve systems and processes. Her host-employer has said that it is a ‘win-win’ employment model and other organisations should jump on board to host an ASBA and give a young person a like opportunity.

To other young people who may be looking to undertake an ASBA whilst at school Lilly has said ‘go for it!’, as it has really opened her eyes to the big-picture world of work. With aspirations to go to university Lilly recognises that the skills and knowledge she is learning and applying throughout her ASBA will be transferable to a variety of settings. She looks forward to completing her Certificate II and continuing year 12 studies next year.


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Current open positions:


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