Carpentry Apprenticeships & Training Australia

Obtain hands-on experience and build your career with 1300apprentice.

Carpenter apprenticeships are invaluable to prepare you for practical roles where you will construct frames, trusses and eaves, repair existing fittings or shape timber on a residential, commercial or industrial site.

By completing your carpentry training with 1300apprentice, you become part of Australia’s expanding building trade; a trade offering a variety of opportunities to further your construction experience and qualifications, work outdoors and eventually become a fully qualified carpenter.

1300apprentice takes on passionate individuals who aspire to make something of themselves in a rewarding industry, with the aim to train and upskill within all aspects of carpentry. While prior builders experience isn’t necessary, a keen work ethic and commitment is. Our role is to create leading carpentry apprentices who will no doubt be at the top of their game, and deliver outstanding results when they take on their next project.

With 1300apprentice, we match you with the best industry-leading building organisations, giving you the opportunity to work alongside expert carpenters.

With our specialised approach, we ensure that you make the most out of your building apprenticeships and obtain a wealth of knowledge, and expertise via real-life experiences. Contact us today and discover your new career path.

Day in the life of a “Chippy”

There’s never a dull moment when you’re a carpenter’s apprentice. One day, you may be cutting and refining raw materials forstunning new interior cabinets to interpreting specifications for an outdoor deck – a day on the job is packed with learning opportunities.

If you are keen on getting into the construction industry, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it’s important that you possess a keen eye for detail. Secondly, you enjoy working with your hands as this forms the majority of your carpentry work. Thirdly, you like working outdoors.

The income of a fully qualified carpenter can vary depending on if you are working as part of a large team, work for a leading enterprise or a smaller company, wish to start your own business, or opt to work independently as a subcontractor.

Learning opportunities:

  • Cut and assemble timber furniture, cabinetry etc.
  • Install doors and windows
  • Determine dimensions and materials required for a new project
  • Read specification plans
  • Set building outlines
  • Construct framework
  • Build floors, wall frameworks and roofs
  • Install insulating materials, door handles and other fixtures
  • Install decking

Carpenter training skill requirements

  • Practical and manual work
  • Problem solving skills
  • Spatial awareness
  • Working from drawings

1300apprentice provides alternative qualifications to further our carpenter apprenticeships’ skills and education. Contact our team to learn more about our 4-year Certificate III Cabinet Making Furniture or a Certificate III in Shopfitting.

Why choose 1300apprentice?

We enable people to succeed in their careers in whatever trade they choose. Since its inception, 1300apprentice has partnered and connected candidates with leading employers from all backgrounds to achieve vocational excellence and we have the awards to prove it. We offer extensive carpentry apprenticeships programs for women, Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islanders, mature-aged apprenticeships and so much more.