Production Nursery Apprenticeship

Learn how to manage a nursery and keep our world supplied with greenery with 1300apprentice’s production nursery apprenticeship.

Interested in learning about the latest production nursery techniques in propagation and growing, or looking for a rewarding career change in agriculture conservation and horticulture? Then the certificate III in Production Nursery is a fantastic opportunity to jumpstart a new vocational path. 

As with Parks and Garden or landscaping apprenticeships, the nationally accredited Certificate III in Production Nursery is a branch of horticulture training. 

As with most apprenticeships and traineeships, no two days are the same. Under the guidance of a supervisor, the nursery apprenticeship is designed to provide you with practical skills and knowledge in plant recognition, nutrition and propagation techniques as well as learning how to recognise and manage weeds, pests and diseases that could lead to potential threats to our Australian flora. 

If you’re physically fit, have a strong ability to multitask, take initiative and enjoy working outdoors in all weather conditions to maintain nursery supply chains, the nursery apprenticeship might be for you. 

By applying for the Certificate III in Production Nursery, you might be tasked with;

  • Monitor and reviewing biosecurity measures 
  • Safely preparing and applying pesticides
  • Troubleshooting irrigation systems 
  • Maintaining nursery plants 
  • Implement propagation plans 
  • Implement plant nutrition programs
  • Plant propagation (seed and cuttings)
  • Nursery hygiene and plant health
  • Create potting mixes and soils

About Our Production Nursery Apprenticeships

For people interested in pursuing a career in the horticulture industry or wholesale nursery, the Certificate III in Production Nursery is the most beneficial apprenticeship to undertake. 

Become an apprentice with 1300apprentice, you can enjoy the combined benefits of structured training with TAFE and gain practical hands-on experience. 

Lasting for 36 months, the objectives of the nursery apprenticeship is for students to identify native and foreign plants for specific areas, recognise the fertiliser requirements of plants, conduct ongoing plant maintenance procedures which includes pest and disease control and biosecurity within the production nursery industry. You will receive a nationally recognised certificate upon completion of the nursery apprenticeship. 

By the end of the apprenticeship, you would be expected to have developed the necessary practical skills to work independently within the production nursery industry, and eventually become a qualified nursery tradesperson. This can include:

  • Propagating a range of plants using basic recognised skills
  • Understand the importance of soil
  • Understand the nutritional relationships in plant species
  • Recognise a range of plants
  • Quickly identifying and controlling a range of weeds, pests, diseases and disorders.

Why choose 1300apprentice?

If you’re looking to upskill and try your hand in a growing trade profession, 1300apprentice is here to ensure people succeed in their careers with our nationally accredited traineeships and apprenticeships.

Since our inception, 1300apprentice has paired candidates with employers from all backgrounds to achieve vocational excellence and we have the testimonials to prove it. We provide horticulture apprenticeships for women, Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islanders, mature-aged apprenticeships and out of trade professionals.